Why Choose HMTT to get Your CDL?

Answers to Some FAQ's about HMTT

When you are deciding where to get your Commercial Driver’s License, we understand that you have a variety of schools to choose from. At Heavy Metal Truck Training, we strive to be your top choice when you are seeking a driving school to attend. We offer all of the services that you will need to get your CDL and are also committed to helping you find work when you graduate our CDL training program.

Today we are going to go over some of the more commonly asked questions that we get asked by those wanting to get their CDL.

Q: How long will it take me to earn my CDL?

A: It depends on which program you register in, but you can expect to spend anywhere between 120 and 460-hours of training. This generally takes anywhere between 4 and 14-weeks to complete. We’ll find the program that is best for you depending on your skill level and needs.

Q: When do classes start?

A: Classes will usually always start on a Monday unless Monday happens to be a holiday. Then, we’ll adjust schedules to have the first day of class start on a Tuesday or the next regular day of business.

Q: Is it worth going to a CDL school vs getting a CDL on my own?

A: We think so! Enrolling in a CDL school gives you knowledge and confidence to pass the CDL exam, as well as the direction in your new career. At HMTT we also assist with job placement to ensure the right fit for each graduate. There are a lot of options out there, and HMTT has dedicated professionals here to help you find the job that suits your needs best.

Q: How much will it cost me to get my CDL?

A: Training cost differs from person to person due to several factors. The first would be the CDL program you choose and secondly, the tuition assistance we can provide students. Heavy Metal offers a variety of different financial assistance programs to help you afford to get your CDL. Depending on the assistance you use, some or all of your costs may be covered.

Q: If I want more information where can I get it?

A: We are always happy to help you understand why getting your CDL is the right choice for you. We’ll be glad to provide you with more information on our classes or financial aid! Give us a call at 651-528-8994.