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Trucking Schools with Financial Aid

Programs to Help you Afford your Minnesota CDL Training

CDL Training may cost anywhere between $3,000 and $7,000 depending on the school and training program That can seem like a daunting, fairly expensive undertaking for many people. The good news is there are ways you can afford to attend Heavy Metal Truck Training and get your CDL license!

Company Sponsored Training & Reimbursement

Many truck carriers assist or sponsor students attending Heavy Metal Trucking Training. These companies will pay for all or part of the tuition costs for drivers that commit to working for them upon graduation. Alternatively, tuition reimbursement may be available to students for the expenses they incurred going through CDL training.

While it varies by company and sponsorship, a driver can receive $100 to $300 per month above their regular earnings to help them repay their tuition. Most companies will cumulatively reimburse a student up to $10,000 for their education in total.

Dislocated Worker Program

For those who are unemployed, assistance may be available through the Dislocated Worker Program. Other programs may also assist unemployed individuals in getting their CDL so they can get back to work. Some of these programs include TAA or MET to name a couple. In addition, Heavy Metal Truck Training is WIOA certified in both Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Financial Assistance Through Grants

Grant programs may also be available. These financial assistance programs can help those who are under or unemployed get back on their feet and start their training to become a truck driver. Some of these programs are run through the city of Minneapolis while others are State or Federal programs.

As you can see, there are plenty of different ways to afford trucking school with financial assistance. If you are interested in getting your CDL and feel like you might need financial assistance call us today! We can find the program that is perfect for you! 651-528-8994