Trucking In 2019

Industry Outlook for the New Year

There are many reasons why you should consider a career in the trucking industry. But one of the most important questions to ask is – Will there be work for me after I complete my training and get my CDL A?

If you’re looking to start a first career or need to find a better paying job – and one where you don’t have to worry about being laid off, then continue reading this jobs forecast. Industry analyst shows the trucking industry is expected to do very well in the year 2019.

Not Enough Drivers To Meet The Jobs

First of all, there is a shortage of trained truck drivers to fill the jobs that are available. Shipping products by truck is on the rise. According to


“Overall, the trucking industry moves more than 70 percent of the nation’s freight by volume…The industry was short about 50,000 drivers in 2017, and that number could rise to 175,000 by 2026…”

The truck driver shortage is not new, but maybe the reasons why we need more drivers has changed:

— the current workforce is mostly male over 45 years of age – many are starting to retire early
— some truck drivers decide to change to desk jobs where they are in the office more
— other drivers stop hauling due to  health concerns such as diabetes and high blood pressure

What does this mean for you? Never has there been a better time to enroll at Heavy Metal Truck Training. This is the first step to a rewarding career that gives you freedom and an excellent income.

Trucking Industry Forecast For 2019

The trucking industry is experiencing a period of growth right now. This is due to NAFTA trade agreements that support the movement of goods across the nation – between the Canadian and Mexican borders. Carriers are looking to find enough drivers to move this freight. Here are some statistics according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

— Heavy and Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers – Number of Jobs: 1,871,700 for an increase of 108,400
— Delivery Truck Drivers  – Number of Jobs: 1,421,400 for an increase of 55,200
— Taxi Drivers and Ride-Hailing Drivers – Number of Jobs: 305,100 for an increase of 15,100

These numbers are average, and as the economy continues to improve, it is certain the trucking industry will surpass these statistics. Discover how you can become a part of this growing industry that expects wages to continue to skyrocket by calling HMTT today! 651-528-8994