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What Does the Truck Driver Shortage Mean for Me?

Cause for Concern, or Golden Career Opportunity?

The shortage of truck drivers can be a cause of concern across several industries. However, it can also mean a golden career opportunity for those interested in driving a truck.

Right now the United States is experiencing one of the most severe truck driver shortages in recent history. It’s reported that there is currently about 50,000 truck driving jobs open throughout the US. That number is likely to increase in the coming years. So, why is that good for you?

Job Security

One major benefit to getting your CDL is job security in the industry. As the shortage of truck drivers increases, drivers become more valuable. Many carriers have increased their entry-level driver pay, or offer sign-on bonuses to new drivers. With our pre-hire and job placement assistance programs, we’ll help you find the right company with the right benefits.

Benefits Are Improving:

Many carrier companies who are seeking new drivers are “sweetening the deal” by offering new drivers different kinds of driver incentives when they sign on with the company. Some of these incentives include:

•  Higher starting pay for long-distance, over the road (OTR) driving positions
•  Sign-on bonuses for new drivers
•  Pay bonus incentives for current employees who refer someone who is hired by the company
•  Full health benefits
•  401k or other retirement funds
•  Options for tuition reimbursement for those who sign a contract (usually 1 year) with the company
•  These benefits are enticing many to consider truck driving as a long-term career option for them.

Start Strong

A strong start is the best way to get the most out of this booming industry. Enrolling in a Class A CDL program, like the one offered at HMTT, is a great start to a new career path. Going through CDL training gives students the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to pass the CDL exam and get started with a carrier. 

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