A Truck Driver’s Best Friend

Taking Your Pet With You on the Road

Being a solo OTR truck driver means you might find yourself on the road, and away from home, for weeks at a time. But what if you had a buddy to keep you company during those hours behind the wheel? No, I’m not talking about Team Driving. I’m talkin’ about pets!

For some truckers, being able to take a pet on the road can make the truck driving way of life even more rewarding. While not every trucking company is pet friendly, many are updating their policies and letting drivers take a pet or two on the road with them!

Trucking with a dog. Or cat. Or…duck?

Many trucking companies are allowing drivers to bring along a 4-legged, furry companion. But what about a duck?!

Those in the Twin Cities metro might remember Frank the duck. Back in 2008 Boyd Huppert introduced us to Frank in his Land of 10,000 Stories: Duck in a truck story. Frank rode along with his human, Joe Mansheim, as he delivered construction materials across the Twin Cities.

Here’s the story, originally aired in 2008:

On Monday, Kare11 updated their viewers that Frank the duck died last week, on his 9th birthday. Joe recently welcomed Eddy as his new duck in the truck.

Pet Friendly Trucking Companies

Riding a long with a feathered friend might be out of the normal, but not out of the question. LTI Trucking Services gave one of their drivers permission to bring his talking parrot along. The bird sat on his shoulder while he rolled down the road!

It’s important to know that not every trucking company is pet friendly, and some are more friendly than others. Be sure to ask important questions, like what their pet policy is, what breeds are allowed, and if there is a deposit or other requirements.

Roehl Transport Inc., H.O. Wolding, US Xpress, and Stevens Transport are just a few of the trucking company HMTT partners with that allows pets. TruckingTruth.com has an updated list of trucking companies that allow pets, but for the most current information, talk to a company recruiter!

If you’re looking to start your trucking career and want to bring a pet along for the journey, your first step is to start here! At HMTT, you’ll get the CDL training you need, and we can connect you with pet friendly trucking companies though our job placement and pre-hire program!

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