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What Are The Different Career Paths Available to Truck Drivers?

OTR, Dedicated, or Teams: Finding the Right Route

Options for long-term truck driving careers can include different positions including OT trucking, dedicated regional drivers, local drivers, or team drivers. Some people will choose to get involved in owner/operator aspect of the industry instead. Other positions within the trucking industry may not include driving a truck at all.

Each job is a different line of work and has a different type of responsibility involved with the position. The following are some of these positions and the responsibilities they carry and hold:

Over-the-Road Driver

An Over-the-Road (OTR) driver is usually on the road for extended periods of time, and are usually paid the highest starting salary of most truck driving positions. This job requires a Class A CDL to be able to accept this driving position.

Dedicated Regional Driver

A Dedicated Regional Driver generally has a set route in a certain part of the country. Most of these drivers operate a large vehicle such as a tanker, flatbed, reefer, or a dry van. Most jobs are done on a schedule that often allows the driver to work the same hours all the time. These routes often have more off-days and home time. This is an appealing position to many drivers with families who wish to spend more time at home.

Local Drivers

Local drivers work in one specific town or city throughout the day. This may be part or full-time positions and are generally worked throughout the same, standard work days. These positions allow drivers day, nights or even weekends off. They generally are lower-paying trucking positions but for those with families or responsibilities at home, this can be a worthy trade-off.

Team Driving OTR

Team Driving allows drivers to keep the truck moving, logging more miles – and more money. While one team member rests or sleeps the other continues driving. Driving in shifts gets the product to the customer more quickly, and drivers are able to complete more “runs” or deliveries. Because team drivers get to unload quicker, they are often given first priority to loads. Team driving has its pluses and minuses, but can be a great way to earn top pay in the industry.

Management Positions

Not every job in the trucking industry is behind the wheel. Managers, supervisors or dispatchers work to keep track of the fleet while they are on the road. They are the central contact point for drivers who may have questions or issues that arise while on the road.

There are a variety of different trucking positions available within the industry. Finding the position you enjoy is about finding something that suits your lifestyle and your career goals. Advancing through positions throughout your career will lead you to the dream position you want to achieve.

If you want to get into any of these positions, it starts with attending the Heavy Metal Truck Training (HMTT) to get your CDL license so that you can get on the road to an in-demand career that you love.

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