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From Truck Driver to Tourist

Can You See the Sights as a Truck Driver?

As a professional truck driver, you’ll travel across the country, and drive though towns and cities you never knew existed, let alone thought you’d have a chance to see. You’ll probably see more sights and scenery than you ever thought possible…but can you actually go sightseeing as a professional truck driver?

In short, yes – it just requires a little extra planning and effort on your part.

First, check with your carrier. Every company has different rules on bobtailing on personal time. A bobtail truck is a semi truck that travels from one point to another without a trailer.

If you are required to leave your truck in a “safe haven” while on reset, another option is finding a cheap car rental to enjoy the sights and the local restaurants. If you know where you’re headed, stock up on local road maps to help you out in a pinch.

You can also use a trip planner like Roadtrippers.com to find attractions that are accessible by public transportation, or even within walking distance of your tuck terminal. You might even find some offbeat, strange, and unusual places to visit!

The amount of sightseeing you can do on your down time depends on the rules your company sets. But if you can, do a little planning and take advantage of your resets and days off!

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