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Should I Go to Truck Driving School?

Why CDL School is Worth the Investment

Are you out of work or looking for a new job? Would you like to start a new career making up to $50,000 PLUS benefits your first year of work? That’s all possible in the trucking industry!

So how do you get started in this booming industry?  Enrolling at HMTT is the fastest way to get started in your new job.

Getting your CDL

Attending trucking school gives new drivers the skills and confidence needed to pass the CDL exam. Your extensive hands-on training will help you learn how to drive a truck, and will set you on a path to becoming an experienced driver! At HMTT, we train students of all skill levels – from very beginner to the advanced driver that wants a refresher – and have various CDL  training programs for each. Getting your CDL training at HMTT is a great foundation to build and grow in your new career!

 Job placement assistance

When you attend Heavy Metal Truck Training, you’ll get personalized placement assistance for your new job. We partner with top trucking companies so that our graduates start off in good, secure trucking jobs. We network with several well-known companies and can help you make connections to the best in the industry.

Hands-on training

Before you even take the CDL or get started on your new job, you need to get behind the wheel of a real semi. At HMTT, you’ll learn how to drive an actual truck and not just train on a simulator. Our instructors will work with you until you have all of the maneuvers down, so you have the confidence you need to pass your exam.

Trucking is vital to almost every industry in our nation. Our country depends on trained, qualified truckers to get goods transported safely and securely. With the right training, you can be a part of a secure, good-paying career with full benefits. Call us today to let us help you get started on your future! 651-528-8994