Truck Driver Training Programs for your Minnesota CDL

CDL Certificate Programs That Work For You!

Heavy Metal Truck Training school offers the most affordable CDL training programs and course options in the Twin Cities area and the surrounding region. Choose the CDL training program that fits with your current skill level and will help meet your professional goals.

Choose Your Skill Level

  • Absolute Beginner: An individual who doesn’t have their CDL Permit yet.
  • Beginner: An individual with little to no experience driving manual transmissions or backing trailers.
  • Intermediate: An individual with some kind of experience driving manual transmissions and backing trailers, or had a Class A CDL in the past.
  • Advanced: An individual who already has a Class A CDL license and has been a professional truck driver in the past.


Discover the Course That’s Right for You

Free CDL Practice Tests

Skill Level: Absolute Beginner
HMTT offers free CDL practice tests to help you successfully pass the written tests necessary to obtain a Class A CDL permit. Cost is free.

160 Hour Class A CDL Certificate Program

Skill Level: Absolute Beginner
The 5 week, 160 hour program is designed for students to enter the transportation industry as an entry-level driver. Students will train for 4 weeks and take a road test in the fifth week. This program is also available on a part-time basis.

460 Hour Class A CDL Certificate Program

Skill Level: Absolute Beginner
The 10-14 week, 460 hour program is designed to train beginners to enter the transportation industry as a professional solo driver. This program provides students with on-the-job training through a paid externship. Students are required to receive a pre-hire from an eligible carrier prior to enrollment.

CDL Refresher & Recertification Course

Skill Level: Advanced
These refresher course programs provide you with the training you need to restart a driving career. Choose the course that fits your needs.


Additional Programs

Log Books and Hours of Service

This 2.5 hour log book training class provides the student with the most recent and up-to-date log book and hours of service rules and regulations. 

Custom One-on-One Training

Our one-on-one training programs give personalized CDL training to the student. Students must sign up for a minimum of 10 hours. 

Customized Training Programs

With this program, you can work with HMTT to create the best training schedule for you. 


Financial Assistance may be available to qualified students. Request more information on any of our training programs by filling out the form!