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Professional Truck Driving Closer to Home

Explore Some Home-More Options as a Truck Driver

The average length of haul is getting shorter as more distribution centers become available. This means more regional fleet options for professional drivers. Less than truckload (LTL) also gains popularity as e-commerce drives the transportation industry. If over the road (OTR) is away from home more than you would like, read on to explore some home-more options as a driver.


  • many fleets offer weekly home-time
  • usually no further than 700 miles from home

Flexible Scheduling

  • schedules such as 7 on 7 off – spend 7 days out on the road, and return home for 7 days


  • dedicated to a customer/delivery
  • often do same pickups and deliveries every week
  • choose a route that gets you home weekly
  • predictability is built-in

LTL – Less than Truckload

  • gaining popularity due to e-commerce
  • many fleets offer LTL in both regional and local fleets

Delivery Service and Local Driving

  • pickup and deliver goods such as furniture, packages, water service, electronics, refrigerated goods
  • dump truck – sand, dirt, rock, and other worksite material
  • livestock trailers
  • tanker trailers – water, milk, collection
  • refuse/recycle collection
  • paper and print services
  • laundry collection services

Driver Trainers

Many fleets utilize the best of their own experienced drivers to share knowledge with the newest drivers. You’ll spend time in the classroom and in the truck training students.

The driver shortage has no end in sight, and job growth and salary in trucking are up. Some professional drivers choose to explore the country for a few weeks at a time, while others are home for dinner every night. If truck driving is right for you, there is a job out there that will get you home to your loved ones as often as you like.

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