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Is Trucking School Hard?

What to Expect at HMTT

Working in the trucking industry requires attention to detail, self-discipline, physical endurance, and a strong work ethic. Going through CDL training gives students the skills, knowledge, tools, and training needed to succeed. But, is the training hard? What should you expect during your time in school? 

Here are some things you can expect when you attend HMTT for your CDL training.

Detailed Traffic Law Training

To say that traffic laws are a little different for truckers is an understatement. While the basic laws are the same, driving a commercial vehicle adds some additional things to consider. There will be a lot of book learning where you will become well aware of these laws. Don’t worry, you will be fully prepared for everything you’ll need to pass your written driver test!

Best Practices for Safety

Preparing drivers for best practices in safety while operating a commercial vehicle is a very large part of your training. Lives are at stake when anyone operates any vehicle, but large commercial vehicles can be even more dangerous if not operated properly. Your training will include a complete knowledge and understanding of laws and best practices concerning the safe operation of a commercial vehicle.

Actual Operation of Vehicles

Bookwork is very important, but actually spending time and working physically in a commercial vehicle is even more important. It’s necessary to get a feel for the size and type of vehicle you’ll be driving professionally. At Heavy Metal Truck Training, you’ll spend a great deal of time working with these vehicles and developing your skills and comfort. All of our training is performed in actual trucks – we don’t use simulators!

Trucking school should challenge you as it prepares you for an exciting and rewarding new career. If you are driven with a strong work ethic, you will absolutely succeed with the proper training.

To get started on your road to success in the trucking industry, call HMTT today, 651-528-8994!