How to Prepare Your Truck for Winter

Tips for Winter Trucking

While some truck drivers are lucky enough to avoid driving in snow and freezing conditions, for most long-haul truck drivers the coming winter will mean battling icy roads and frigid temperatures in the months ahead. This makes it critical that you take certain steps to prepare your truck for winter in order to ensure your safety on the road as well as keep your deliveries on time. If you anticipate driving in harsh winter weather, here are just a few steps that you can take to prepare your truck for winter.

Treat Your Fuel

When on the road in extreme winter weather, there is a risk that things will begin to freeze. If left untreated, your diesel fuel can freeze if conditions are cold enough. An important part of preparing your truck for winter is treating your fuel to prevent this from happening. Diesel can gel in extremely cold weather, which would prevent your truck from running. To prevent your fuel from gelling, it is critical that you add an anti-gelling additive to your truck’s fuel tanks before adding fuel when the temperature drops. You should also keep anti-gel additives stocked up in your cab, as there may be shortages due to high demand during severe weather.

Prevent Frozen Breaks

Another important thing to consider when preparing your truck for winter is your brakes. When the temperature drops, frost can spread throughout your brake system causing your brakes to freeze, which can be extremely dangerous. To prevent this from occurring, you should drain your air tanks and fuel water separators every day when extreme cold sets in. You can also put an additive in your air tank that will spread through your brake system, which can help prevent it from freezing.

Keep Your Engine Warm

Diesel engines require a higher cylinder temperature to start than gasoline vehicles, which is why it can be difficult to start a diesel engine in the winter. If you anticipate stopping overnight in cold conditions this winter, you should consider investing in block heaters for your truck (if you do not already have them) that circulate water around the engine to keep it warm. Plugging in your block heaters at night during cold weather can help to prevent your engine from freezing this winter.

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