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How Ava Found Success through Lifetrack and HMTT

Following Up with an HMTT Graduate

Ava left Eastern Europe for the United States with the hope for a better life for her and her child.

It wasn’t easy

After settling in the Minneapolis area, she found it hard to land a good job. The only jobs she could find paid minimum-wage and involved low skill work. This work couldn’t come close to letting her be self-sufficient, and they didn’t offer her any prospects for the future. She knew she needed a career, but she also needed guidance on how to get one.

A little help from her friends

Ava began working with LifeTrack’s Employment Services. After speaking with an employment coach, completing an assessment of her talents and skills, and working with mentors, she decided to learn to enter commercial trucking.

She enrolled in the Lifetrack’s Pathways to Prosperity Commercial Trucking Program. Heavy Metal Truck Training works with Lifetrack, providing class A commercial driver’s training to their clients.

Excellent training and hard work paid off

Ava completed one of HMTT’s driver’s courses and continued to take financial literacy and employment courses at LifeTrack. After four months of work and study, she obtained her class A commercial driver’s license.

And, she did it on her first try.

Using the employment skills she learned, she landed her first driver’s job with DHL at $21 an hour! This is a big step up from the minimum wage jobs she did when she arrived in the United States.

Ava is realizing her American dream because of her hard work, determination, and the help she received from LifeTrack and Heavy Metal Truck Training.

Heavy Metal Truck Training is proud of Ava and their training program

Heavy Metal Truck Training is happy they could be part of Ava’s success story. However, they aren’t shocked by it. Many of their students have changed their lives by completing the Heavy Metal training program and earning their commercial driver’s license.

Heavy Metal offers several courses in commercial truck driving. Our extensive 460-hour commercial truck driving course offers:

— Qualified, trained and patient instructors
— Unlimited road tests
— Complete classroom and lab training
— Financial assistance
— Certificate of completion

Changing lives one mile at a time

Many people find themselves in Ava’s position when they have to change careers because of life’s circumstances. There is a big demand for commercial truck drivers around the country and completing Heavy Metal Truck Training commercial driving program prepares you for the exciting and growing field of commercial transportation.

Are you ready to enter the well-paid career of commercial truck driving? Call HMTT today and we’ll get you on the road to your new career! 651-528-8994