HMTT Receives Lifetrack Community Award

2016 Community Builder of the Year

Each year, Lifetrack presents a Community Builder of the Year award to a local Twin Cities business that demonstrates advocacy, support and dedication toward Lifetrack participants who are looking for employment. This award honors the work of businesses that play an essential role in helping to eliminate economic and employment disparities.

Lifetrack has named Heavy Metal Truck Training as its 2016 Community Builder of the Year for its outstanding service to job seekers who aim to pave their way into the high-growth industry of commercial trucking.

Gary Pressley and Lida Wiger stand on stage holding Lifetrack award certificateThe Heart of Lifetrack

For Lifetrack, their everyday mission is to develop the strengths of adults and families facing life challenges, and provide a solid foundation for the next generation. For over 20 years, Lifetrack has helped local residents, immigrants, and refugees find meaningful jobs in Minnesota.

Heavy Metal Truck Training is a strong advocate for Lifetrack’s employment program, and works closely with the team and new participants to ensure that they succeed throughout their entire truck driver training.

Hiring Partner

By sustaining strong partnerships with local businesses like Heavy Metal Truck Training, Lifetrack is able to offer job seekers skills-training, networking connections, and support so they can attain better employment and become active participants in our economy.

Career Training

As part of Lifetrack’s Train-to-Career Program, HMTT provides Minnesota State certified CDL training and job placement assistance to program participants hoping to attain their commercial driver’s license and find employment in the trucking industry. This program is funded by the City of Minneapolis and helps low-income residents enroll in training for living-wage careers in growing industries like trucking.

The partnership between HMTT and Lifetrack is one of the most successful working relationships, and Heavy Metal Truck Training is honored to have received this community award.

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