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Getting your CDL License

Yes! You Should Get Yours. Here's Why...

Getting your CDL License and starting a career as a professional trucker is a great idea for a lot of reasons. It offers job security, great employer benefits, impressive starting pay. It also opens the door to many different types of professional trucking career opportunities.

The benefits of getting a CDL License:

– Showing You The Money: In the first year of driving with a CDL license, the average trucker can expect to earn somewhere around $43,500. There is even potential to make up to $60,000. Many companies also offer bonuses for things like safe driving and distance traveled!

– Flexibility and Mobility: With a CDL License, drivers have can travel all over the country. You won’t get bored sitting in an office cubicle. You can also drive for a local company, with options of more flexible hours.

– Job Security: Certified truck drivers will always be needed as long as there are goods to be delivered. Getting a CDL License leads to great employment stability and reassurance.

A CDL License opens up a whole bunch of different driving jobs:

– Long-Term Hauling: This is typically what comes to mind when someone says “truck driver.” These are the folks who drive all around the country as their primary job, delivering goods and products nationwide.

– Part-Time Work: Helping construction workers out by driving dump trucks, driving big 18-wheelers on weekends, or picking up the odd shifts as a bus driver are all popular ways for CDL License holders to make some part-time cash. These gigs are perfect for those with other jobs looking for some extra money.

At HMTT, our students receive affordable, high quality truck driver training. By getting your CDL License and becoming a professional truck driver, you will have access to these benefits, and more! We partner with major trucking companies – and local ones too – to find the best career fit for you.

Ready to get started?! Schedule a no obligation appointment to complete the pre-hire application and land a job before you even start training for your CDL License!