How to Choose the Best CDL School

3 Key Training Items to Consider

With so many options available for truck driving schools and CDL certification programs, how do you know where to begin? The thought of picking the right school can seem overwhelming. What do you look for? What questions should you ask? Today we’ll take a look at some of the key training items you should look at when choosing the best CDL school. 

Classroom Activities

Classroom work isn’t the most exciting, but it’s still an important part to your success as a truck driver. At HMTT, students will spend classroom time watching videos and listening to lectures. We cover topics like State laws, regulations, and other pertinent knowledge needed to drive a large commercial vehicle. The actual curriculum will vary depending on the program you take, and is based on the FHWA Model of Curriculum and follows the Professional Truck Driver Institute’s (PTDI) curriculum standards. Classroom work also includes the National Safety Council Defensive Driving Certification class and hazardous materials coursework.

Behind-the-Wheel Practice

Some schools have shifting simulators and/or driving simulators. These are like big video games that students can practice on before getting into the actual truck. Driving simulators mimic different road conditions, but don’t give you a feel for what it will really be like. At HMTT, you’ll learn to drive a truck by actually driving one! We don’t use simulators for your truck driving training – all of your ‘behind-the-wheel’ training will be done in an actual truck.

Your time in the yard will be spent practicing your shifting, turning, and backing skills. You’ll learn how to hitch/unhitch a trailer and how to back into a loading dock. Students will also have driving practice off the lot in actual traffic and in different in driving conditions – always with a well-trained instructor alongside in the truck.

Job Ready and Road Worthy

Do the schools you are looking at have a job placement service? At Heavy Metal Truck Training, we partner with many different trucking companies to provide our students with assistance in starting a trucking career. We often host hiring events where representatives from some of the largest and most well-known employers will come to the school to meet with students during their training. Many students come to HMTT through our Pre-Hire Program, which means they’ll have a job waiting for them once they graduate.

These are just a few things you can expect when you enroll for your CDL training at Heavy Metal Truck Training. Call us at 651-528-8994 and we’ll get you enrolled and ready to roll.