How Much Does CDL Training Cost?

Skill Level, Experience & Tuition Assistance Matter

When considering CDL training programs, the price of training can be a deciding factor.

So how much will your CDL training cost you?

There are a number of factors that determine the cost of a program. In this post, we’ll break down the two main factors that determine the price of CDL training.

Skill & Experience

Photo of a CDL student driver in a semi talking to his instructorThe first factor to consider is a driver’s skill and experience level.

A beginner driver requires more training than someone who has been driving commercial trucks for years. Therefore, the cost of your training will depend on your experience as a truck driver.

At Heavy Metal Truck Training, we train students of all skill levels and offer various courses based on experience level. You can choose the CDL training program that will fit with your current skill level and will help meet your professional goals. Our courses range from Class A CDL certificate programs for beginners to shorter Refresher CDL courses for experienced drivers.

Tuition Assistance

The second factor to consider is tuition assistance.3 stacks of coins with pens piled up in between

In addition to the course you enroll in, you should also talk to your enrollment specialist about the tuition assistance programs available at your school. Odds are, you will qualify for some sort of financial assistance!

At HMTT, we offer a number of different tuition assistance options to help with the price of our CDL training courses. These options include:

  • Tuition Reimbursement:¬†We work with different trucking companies that reimburse tuition costs for pre-hired drivers. When you pay for your CDL training at HMTT, you have the opportunity to have your tuition costs reimbursed by the company you decide to work for. Tuition reimbursement can be combined with other forms of tuition assistance.
  • State & Government Programs, Grants & Scholarships: There are both federal and state grant programs available to qualified individuals, including programs for unemployed or under-employed individuals.
  • Personal Financing: Student loans are an option for financing your CDL training. HMTT even provides special in-house financing options for students.
  • Company Sponsored Training: With company-sponsored training, students get funding to cover part or all of their CDL training costs. Additionally, some carriers also pay students a 40-hours per week income while in school. HMTT staff will help determine if students meet requirements and are eligible to use this program.

As you can see, the price of CDL training varies from person to person depending on the program chosen, and the amount of tuition assistance they are eligible for.

At HMTT, we will work with you to find the tuition assistance option that gives you as little out-of-pocket cost as possible! Give us a call today at 651-528-8994, and we will help you find the CDL training and tuition assistance programs to best fit your needs.