• Answers to Some FAQ's about HMTT

    When you are deciding where to get your CDL, we understand that you have a variety of schools to choose from. At HMTT, we strive to be your top choice when you are seeking a driving school to attend. We offer all of the services that you will need to get your CDL and are also committed to helping you find work when you graduate our CDL training program.

    Today we are going to go over some of the more commonly asked questions that we get asked by those wanting to get their CDL.

    Q: How long will it take me to earn my CDL?

    A: It depends on which program you register in, but you can expect to spend anywhere between 120 and 460 hours of training. This generally takes anywhere between 4 and 14 weeks to complete. We'll find the program that is best for you depending on your skill level and needs. The requirements for each CDL program are listed here

    Q: When do classes start?

    A: Classes will usually always start on a Monday unless Monday happens to be a holiday. Then, we'll adjust schedules to have the first day of class start on a Tuesday, or the next regular day of business.

    Q: Is it worth going to a CDL school vs getting a CDL on my own?

    A: We think so! Enrolling in a CDL school gives you knowledge and confidence to pass the CDL exam, as well as direction in your new career. At HMTT we also assist with job placements to ensure the right fit for each graduate. There are a lot of options out there, and HMTT has dedicated professionals here to help you find the job that suits your needs best. Click here to enroll and to begin your classes ASAP!

    Q: How much will it cost me to get my CDL?

    A: The average CDL program will cost between $3,000 and $7,000. However, HMTT offers a variety of different financial assistance programs to help you afford to get your CDL. Depending on the assistance you use, some or all of your costs may be covered. We also provide assistance for eligible veterans looking for a career when they return home from deployment. A list of our financial aid offerings can get viewed here

    Q: If I want more information where can I get it?

    A: We are always happy to help you understand why getting your CDL is the right choice for you. We'll be glad to provide you with more information on our classes or financial aid! Give us a call at 651-528-8994, or fill out the form you see on this page. You can also check us out on Facebook and connect with us there! 

  • Being Humble & Coachable

    Whether you've already put in over a million miles or have yet to drive your first inch as a trucker, the most valuable skill in your arsenal is being open to learning. New experiences teach volumes to those who are willing to buckle up for the ride and take away new lessons. Lessons that frequently save time, like new routes, save lives, like driving skills, and save worry, like route planning.

    What can a CDL refresher offer you?

    Refreshing your certification can help you learn or relearn new and important driving skills. For newer drivers, it can help you learn some rules of the road. In case of a lapsed CDL, there may even be new laws that you should know.

    How can you take ownership on the road?

    Taking ownership means knowing that you are responsible for the truck and trailer regardless of what is happening. The heavy burden of ownership means that you have to stay in the know about new laws, equipment, and driving techniques. Sometimes companies don't push veteran drivers to seek out new information, but allow them to leave work at the door.

    Our program gives new and veteran drivers alike a fresh view of the trucking world and respects their status as a veteran. We also respect new drivers and show them the ropes so they have the tools they need when hitting the road.

    How can a classroom benefit a coachable, yet seasoned trucker?

    Being coachable just means taking yourself out of the equation and listening to an instructor. Listening does not mean staying silent, but it does mean keeping an open mind. How can you keep an open mind?

    Know that you or may not have more practical experience than the instructor. Also know that the instructor is giving out knowledge that has been collected from countless veterans like you to help newer drivers and experts alike stay safe and happy.

    Feel free to reach out to us and see how we can help you learn and renew or meet any other needs you have in the trucking world. Fill out the form, or call us today! 651-528-8994

  • Programs to Help you Afford your Minnesota CDL Training

    CDL Training may cost anywhere between $3,000 and $7,000 depending on the school and training program That can seem like a daunting, fairly expensive undertaking for many people. The good news is there are ways you can afford to attend Heavy Metal Truck Training and get your CDL license!

    Company Sponsored Training & Reimbursement

    Many truck carriers assist or sponsor students attending Heavy Metal Trucking Training. These companies will pay for all or part of the tuition costs for drivers that commit to working for them upon graduation. Alternatively, tuition reimbursement may be available to students for the expenses they incurred going through CDL training. While it varies by company and sponsorship, a driver can receive $100 to $300 per month above their regular earnings to help them repay their tuition. Most companies will cumulatively reimburse a student up to $10,000 for their education in total.

    Dislocated Worker Program

    For those who are unemployed, assistance may be available through the Dislocated Worker Program. Other programs may also assist unemployed individuals in getting their CDL so they can get back to work. Some of these programs include TAA or MET to name a couple. In addition, Heavy Metal Truck Training is WIOA certified in both Minnesota and Wisconsin.

    Financial Assistance Through Grants

    Grant programs may also be available. These financial assistance programs can help those who are under or unemployed get back on their feet and start their training to become a truck driver. Some of these programs are run through the city of Minneapolis while others are State or Federal programs.

    Veterans Programs

    Qualified veterans may use programs that pay the entire tuition to get ready to go into a new career. Veterans are eligible for up to $14,000 in financial assistance to complete their CDL training. This income is tax-free and is above and beyond their regular earnings and wages. This money can be earned through the VA Drivers Apprenticeship Program. You can speak with our school staff for program-specific requirements, or with help applying.  As you can see, there are plenty of different ways to afford trucking school with financial assistance. If you are interested in getting your CDL and feel like you might need financial assistance call us today! We can find the program that is perfect for you! 651-528-8994
  • Industry Outlook for the New Year

    There are many reasons why you should consider a career in the trucking industry. But one of the most important questions to ask is - Will there be work for me after I complete my training and get my CDL A? If you're looking to start a first career or need to find a better paying job - and one where you don't have to worry about being laid off, then continue reading this jobs forecast. Industry analyst shows the trucking industry is expected to do very well in the year 2019.

    Not Enough Drivers To Meet The Jobs

    First of all, there is a shortage of trained truck drivers to fill the jobs that are available. Shipping products by truck is on the rise. According to  
    "Overall, the trucking industry moves more than 70 percent of the nation's freight by volume...The industry was short about 50,000 drivers in 2017, and that number could rise to 175,000 by 2026..."
    The truck driver shortage is not new, but maybe the reasons why we need more drivers has changed: -- the current workforce is mostly male over 45 years of age - many are starting to retire early -- some truck drivers decide to change to desk jobs where they are in the office more -- other drivers stop hauling due to  health concerns such as diabetes and high blood pressure What does this mean for you? Never has there been a better time to enroll at Heavy Metal Truck Training. This is the first step to a rewarding career that gives you freedom and an excellent income.

    Trucking Industry Forecast For 2019

    The trucking industry is experiencing a period of growth right now. This is due to NAFTA trade agreements that support the movement of goods across the nation - between the Canadian and Mexican borders. Carriers are looking to find enough drivers to move this freight. Here are some statistics according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics: -- Heavy and Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers - Number of Jobs: 1,871,700 for an increase of 108,400 -- Delivery Truck Drivers  - Number of Jobs: 1,421,400 for an increase of 55,200 -- Taxi Drivers and Ride-Hailing Drivers - Number of Jobs: 305,100 for an increase of 15,100 These numbers are average, and as the economy continues to improve, it is certain the trucking industry will surpass these statistics. Discover how you can become a part of this growing industry that expects wages to continue to skyrocket by calling HMTT today! 651-528-8994
  • OTR, Dedicated, or Teams: Finding the Right Route

    Options for long-term truck driving careers can include different positions including OT trucking, dedicated regional drivers, local drivers, or team drivers. Some people will choose to get involved in owner/operator aspect of the industry instead. Other positions within the trucking industry may not include driving a truck at all. Each job is a different line of work and has a different type of responsibility involved with the position. The following are some of these positions and the responsibilities they carry and hold:

    Over-the-Road Driver

    An Over-the-Road (OTR) driver is usually on the road for extended periods of time, and are usually paid the highest starting salary of most truck driving positions. This job requires a Class A CDL to be able to accept this driving position.

    Dedicated Regional Driver

    A Dedicated Regional Driver generally has a set route in a certain part of the country. Most of these drivers operate a large vehicle such as a tanker, flatbed, reefer, or a dry van. Most jobs are done on a schedule that often allows the driver to work the same hours all the time. These routes often have more off-days and home time. This is an appealing position to many drivers with families who wish to spend more time at home.

    Local Drivers

    Local drivers work in one specific town or city throughout the day. This may be part or full-time positions and are generally worked throughout the same, standard work days. These positions allow drivers day, nights or even weekends off. They generally are lower-paying trucking positions but for those with families or responsibilities at home, this can be a worthy trade-off.

    Team Driving OTR

    Team Driving allows drivers to keep the truck moving, logging more miles - and more money. While one team member rests or sleeps the other continues driving. Driving in shifts gets the product to the customer more quickly, and drivers are able to complete more "runs" or deliveries. Because team drivers get to unload quicker, they are often given first priority to loads. Team driving has its pluses and minuses, but can be a great way to earn top pay in the industry.

    Management Positions

    Not every job in the trucking industry is behind the wheel. Managers, supervisors or dispatchers work to keep track of the fleet while they are on the road. They are the central contact point for drivers who may have questions or issues that arise while on the road. There are a variety of different trucking positions available within the industry. Finding the position you enjoy is about finding something that suits your lifestyle and your career goals. Advancing through positions throughout your career will lead you to the dream position you want to achieve. If you want to get into any of these positions, it starts with attending the Heavy Metal Truck Training (HMTT) to get your CDL license so that you can get on the road to an in-demand career that you love. For more information on how to get started in the trucking industry and how to get on your way to your ideal position, call us today! 651-528-8994
  • Why CDL School is Worth the Investment

    Are you out of work or looking for a new job? Would you like to start a new career making up to $50,000 PLUS benefits your first year of work? That's all possible in the trucking industry! So how do you get started in this booming industry?  Enrolling at HMTT is the fastest way to get started in your new job.

    Getting your CDL

    Attending trucking school gives new drivers the skills and confidence needed to pass the CDL exam. Your extensive hands-on training will help you learn how to drive a truck, and will set you on a path to becoming an experienced driver! At HMTT, we train students of all skill levels - from very beginner to the advanced driver that wants a refresher - and have various CDL  training programs for each. Getting your CDL training at HMTT is a great foundation to build and grow in your new career!

     Job placement assistance

    When you attend Heavy Metal Truck Training, you'll get personalized placement assistance for your new job. We partner with top trucking companies so that our graduates start off in good, secure trucking jobs. We network with several well-known companies and can help you make connections to the best in the industry.

    Hands-on training

    Before you even take the CDL or get started on your new job, you need to get behind the wheel of a real semi. At HMTT, you'll learn how to drive an actual truck and not just train on a simulator. Our instructors will work with you until you have all of the maneuvers down, so you have the confidence you need to pass your exam. Trucking is vital to almost every industry in our nation. Our country depends on trained, qualified truckers to get goods transported safely and securely. With the right training, you can be a part of a secure, good-paying career with full benefits. Call us today to let us help you get started on your future! 651-528-8994
  • Our job assistance program offers benefits for life!

    At Heavy Metal Truck Training, we are proud to offer job placement assistance to each of our CDL program graduates - for life! Whether you need assistance finding work right out of school, or years after completing our CDL training, we are here for you!

    What Does Our Job Assistance Program Offer?

    Our job placement department partners with dozens of trucking companies to provide high-quality, high-paying job opportunities for our graduates. We offer local, regional, and national driving employment opportunities to our graduates to help them reach their career goals!

    Get Pre-Hired While in School

    Our pre-hire program that will give quality employment opportunities as soon as you graduate. About 90-95% of our graduates have success with finding immediate job placements in their trucking line of work.

    What Benefits do Graduates Earn?

    Many don't think of trucking as an industry to get into until they see the benefits that getting a CDL can offer. In the first year, many drivers report salaries of more than $50,000 and the knowledge that they have full job security. The industry demand for quality drivers continues to grow, and the number of people interested in trucking stays relatively the same. This means there is a high demand for quality truck drivers who are in it for the long haul! While benefits differ by carrier, most companies will offer full medical benefits for you and your family including dental and vision insurances. Some companies also offer 401k/profit sharing plans and programs for their employees to invest in for their retirement. HMTT is proud to offer a variety of quality job placement opportunities for our graduates. Whether you are in our program now or graduated years ago our job assistance program offers benefits for life! Does truck driving sound like the industry for you? Get more information on using our job assistance program to help you find a quality job that meets your needs and desires for work. Call us today! 651-528-8994
  • 5 Advantages of Getting a CDL

    Earning a Class A Commercial Driver's License can provide new job opportunities in a variety of industries. Whether you want to add a valuable qualification to your resume or move your career in a new direction, getting your CDL is an excellent place to start. Here are some of the most important benefits of earning a CDL.

    1. Part-Time Work

    Even if you don't want a full-time job in the trucking industry, you can still put a CDL to good use. For example, you could become an on-call freight delivery driver or work part-time shifts on a construction site.

    2. Freedom and Flexibility

    Once you have your CDL, you can choose from a variety of interesting work opportunities beyond traditional office jobs. Between local routes and long-haul transportation jobs, you can find a work schedule that fits your lifestyle.

    3. Cost-Efficient Training

    Earning a traditional four-year degree can require a lot of time and money. However, you can earn a CDL in as little as a couple months. Course fees are much more affordable than standard college tuition.

    4. Diverse Job Opportunities

    By earning your CDL, you can open the door to numerous job opportunities. Most driving jobs offer competitive pay, good benefits, and excellent stability.

    5. Exciting Travel Experiences

    Whether you choose to drive a shorter route in your local region or take a longer over-the-road position, you can earn a living while traveling. If you enjoy driving and want to see new places, getting a CDL is the first step toward a career you'll love. As you can see, there are numerous advantages to earning a Class A CDL. Heavy Metal Truck Training offers several different courses, training schedules, and certifications. You can experience both classroom instruction and hands-on time behind the wheel.

    Find out more to get started on your dream career today, just call us today! 1-800-835-2540 or Twin Cities locals can call us at 651-528-8994

  • image of a semi truck driving down a road against a blue sky background. text over image reads 'don't like the company you started with? how to change jobs in the trucking industry'

    How to Change Jobs in the Trucking Industry

    The trucking industry is full of different types of companies with different driver needs. The industry is experiencing a lot of growth at the moment with a lot of exciting new opportunities. But as with any business or industry, every job is not the best fit for every person. Don't give up on the career path if you aren't enjoying your current employer. Here are some suggestions on just what to do if you are not completely satisfied with your job in the trucking industry.

    Hang in There for a Year

    This isn't always the easiest thing to hear, but staying with your first employer in the trucking industry for at least a year is very important. During this year, you will be getting a lot of good training and building a certain level of experience that you'll definitely want as you move on to greener pastures. Spending a full year with your first employer also sends a good message to other potential employers that you are committed.

    Look at Your Needs and Wants

    Be honest with yourself about what you want and need in your career. Maybe you have young children and need to be home more than an OTR job can provide. Maybe you have other limitations that make it difficult to be on the road for extended periods of time. These are things you have to consider at length and then try to determine what you need to accomplish these career goals. Fortunately, there are a great number of different driving jobs for people with a CDL. Finding the right one for you is just a matter of looking.

    Work with Your Training Institution

    Job placement is a huge part of HMTT and it is a service that you should come to expect from a reputable training program. With our pre-hire service, we work hard to place you with a company that best fits your needs. But, if you find that you don't have the right fit as an employee with your current company, reaching out to our job placement staff so you can discuss new job placement options. At Heavy Metal Truck Training, we can help reach your career goals in the trucking industry! Contact us today to get started in your new driving career! 651-528-8994
  • image of a student driver at the wheel of a truck with the instructor standing along side giving instructions. text over image reads "is trucking school hard? what to expect in cdl class at heavy metal truck training'

    What to Expect at HMTT

    Working in the trucking industry requires attention to detail, self-discipline, physical endurance, and a strong work ethic. Going through CDL training gives students the skills, knowledge, tools, and training needed to succeed. But, is the training hard? What should you expect during your time in school? 

    Here are some things you can expect when you attend HMTT for your CDL training.

    Detailed Traffic Law Training

    To say that traffic laws are a little different for truckers is an understatement. While the basic laws are the same, driving a commercial vehicle adds some additional things to consider. There will be a lot of book learning where you will become well aware of these laws. Don't worry, you will be fully prepared for everything you'll need to pass your written driver test!

    Best Practices for Safety

    Preparing drivers for best practices in safety while operating a commercial vehicle is a very large part of your training. Lives are at stake when anyone operates any vehicle, but large commercial vehicles can be even more dangerous if not operated properly. Your training will include a complete knowledge and understanding of laws and best practices concerning the safe operation of a commercial vehicle.

    Actual Operation of Vehicles

    Bookwork is very important, but actually spending time and working physically in a commercial vehicle is even more important. It's necessary to get a feel for the size and type of vehicle you'll be driving professionally. At Heavy Metal Truck Training, you'll spend a great deal of time working with these vehicles and developing your skills and comfort. All of our training is performed in actual trucks - we don't use simulators! Trucking school should challenge you as it prepares you for an exciting and rewarding new career. If you are driven with a strong work ethic, you will absolutely succeed with the proper training. To get started on your road to success in the trucking industry, call HMTT today, 651-528-8994!