Bringing Your Pet on the Road

Can My Pet Ride Along With Me?

Professional truck driving is one of the most solitary professions out there, and a popular career choice for introverts. Nobody, no matter how introverted, is a completely solitary person. We all crave interaction and companionship to some extent. That companionship doesn’t necessarily need to be human. Many truck drivers love to bring their dogs and cats along for the ride. Here are a few reasons why bringing a furry friend on the road with you is a great idea for truck drivers…


Life on the road can be a lonely one. A pet can certainly provide much-needed companionship. Even though they can’t speak back to hold a real conversation, their presence can be warm and comforting.


After sitting for several hours, many truck drivers yearn for some form of exercise. A pet can help provide that. Pets, especially dogs, need to be walked. Cooped up for many hours at a time, dogs will grow anxious and restless. Taking your pet for a walk is a win-win situation. Not only will your canine companion enjoy it, but you will get some much-needed exercise, and a chance to stretch your legs.


The mind can easily play tricks on us. If a truck driver loses focus, tragic circumstances can happen. While some may view a pet as a distraction, they can help the driver maintain concentration after hours on the road. Something as simple as a bark or meow can jolt a tired driver back to reality. Thinking about your pet’s needs can also help eliminate daydreaming.

Fight Separation Anxiety

Taking your pet on the road with you can help grow an even greater bond with them. This can be incredibly positive for a pet that suffers from separation anxiety.

Finding a Trucking Company that Allows Pets

Many of us would love to bring our pets to work. Truck driving is one of the few careers where this is possible. If bringing your pet along on the road is a top priority, make sure that you find a trucking company that allows it. Many companies that allow it have different policies. These companies typically require a deposit first. They also have weight limits on your pet. St. Bernard owners may be out of luck. Heavy Metal Truck Training can also help you find companies with pet policies in place. If you’re looking to start or restart a trucking career, CDL training at Heavy Metal Truck Training is for you! They will get you on the road for a rewarding career.