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  • This Year a Better You Starts with CDL School

    How many New Year resolutions have been made and nothing really changes in a person's life. You decide to lose 20 pounds only to gain 30 more over the summer. You resolve to save more money, only to have one situation pass after the other. What about making a New Year's resolution that can change your entire outlook on life and your financial situation too!

    Enroll in Truck Driving School

    Take a step towards a new life by enrolling in Heavy Metal Truck Driving school. You will get hands-on practice driving commercial trucks or over-the-road 18 wheelers. The training is affordable and tuition assistance is available. But you must take that first step! And if you're a veteran or a displaced worker that lost their job due to downsizing or dislocation, Heavy Metal can help you get the funds you deserve. State and federal grant programs are waiting for those who want to work in a rewarding job, and simply need help paying for tuition. To see what programs are available for you to use, contact our school office at 651-528-8994.

    Earn Your CDL in 2019

    The year 2019 can be the start of a new life when you earn your CDL. You become a professional truck driver, trained to drive regionally, or locally. And for those who like the idea of long-hauling across the nation as an OTR (over-the-road) truck driver, it is a lifestyle all its own. You meet new people, see new places, and learn new skills. You choose how you want to work. Drive locally from 9 to 5, making drop-offs to businesses in your community. Or enjoy a flexible schedule by making long-distance hauls on your own terms and on your own time schedule.

    Live The Life You Deserve

    The most exciting part of being a truck driver is the income. You can easily earn up to $50,000 per year after only a short time. The more experience you gain, the more valuable you become. Imagine an income that can deliver the home of your dreams, the car of your dreams, and the vacations of a lifetime. Don't wait or put it off another year. Make 2019 the best year of your life! Call HMTT today and start a New Year and a new career! 651-528-8994
  • OTR, Dedicated, or Teams: Finding the Right Route

    Options for long-term truck driving careers can include different positions including OT trucking, dedicated regional drivers, local drivers, or team drivers. Some people will choose to get involved in owner/operator aspect of the industry instead. Other positions within the trucking industry may not include driving a truck at all. Each job is a different line of work and has a different type of responsibility involved with the position. The following are some of these positions and the responsibilities they carry and hold:

    Over-the-Road Driver

    An Over-the-Road (OTR) driver is usually on the road for extended periods of time, and are usually paid the highest starting salary of most truck driving positions. This job requires a Class A CDL to be able to accept this driving position.

    Dedicated Regional Driver

    A Dedicated Regional Driver generally has a set route in a certain part of the country. Most of these drivers operate a large vehicle such as a tanker, flatbed, reefer, or a dry van. Most jobs are done on a schedule that often allows the driver to work the same hours all the time. These routes often have more off-days and home time. This is an appealing position to many drivers with families who wish to spend more time at home.

    Local Drivers

    Local drivers work in one specific town or city throughout the day. This may be part or full-time positions and are generally worked throughout the same, standard work days. These positions allow drivers day, nights or even weekends off. They generally are lower-paying trucking positions but for those with families or responsibilities at home, this can be a worthy trade-off.

    Team Driving OTR

    Team Driving allows drivers to keep the truck moving, logging more miles - and more money. While one team member rests or sleeps the other continues driving. Driving in shifts gets the product to the customer more quickly, and drivers are able to complete more "runs" or deliveries. Because team drivers get to unload quicker, they are often given first priority to loads. Team driving has its pluses and minuses, but can be a great way to earn top pay in the industry.

    Management Positions

    Not every job in the trucking industry is behind the wheel. Managers, supervisors or dispatchers work to keep track of the fleet while they are on the road. They are the central contact point for drivers who may have questions or issues that arise while on the road. There are a variety of different trucking positions available within the industry. Finding the position you enjoy is about finding something that suits your lifestyle and your career goals. Advancing through positions throughout your career will lead you to the dream position you want to achieve. If you want to get into any of these positions, it starts with attending the Heavy Metal Truck Training (HMTT) to get your CDL license so that you can get on the road to an in-demand career that you love. For more information on how to get started in the trucking industry and how to get on your way to your ideal position, call us today! 651-528-8994
  • Following Up with an HMTT Graduate

    Ava left Eastern Europe for the United States with the hope for a better life for her and her child.

    It wasn't easy

    After settling in the Minneapolis area, she found it hard to land a good job. The only jobs she could find paid minimum-wage and involved low skill work. This work couldn't come close to letting her be self-sufficient, and they didn't offer her any prospects for the future. She knew she needed a career, but she also needed guidance on how to get one.

    A little help from her friends

    Ava began working with LifeTrack's Employment Services. After speaking with an employment coach, completing an assessment of her talents and skills, and working with mentors, she decided to learn to enter commercial trucking. She enrolled in the Lifetrack's Pathways to Prosperity Commercial Trucking Program. Heavy Metal Truck Training works with Lifetrack, providing class A commercial driver's training to their clients.

    Excellent training and hard work paid off

    Ava completed one of HMTT's driver's courses and continued to take financial literacy and employment courses at LifeTrack. After four months of work and study, she obtained her class A commercial driver's license. And, she did it on her first try. Using the employment skills she learned, she landed her first driver's job with DHL at $21 an hour! This is a big step up from the minimum wage jobs she did when she arrived in the United States. Ava is realizing her American dream because of her hard work, determination, and the help she received from LifeTrack and Heavy Metal Truck Training.

    Heavy Metal Truck Training is proud of Ava and their training program

    Heavy Metal Truck Training is happy they could be part of Ava's success story. However, they aren't shocked by it. Many of their students have changed their lives by completing the Heavy Metal training program and earning their commercial driver's license. Heavy Metal offers several courses in commercial truck driving. Our extensive 460-hour commercial truck driving course offers: -- Qualified, trained and patient instructors -- Unlimited road tests -- Complete classroom and lab training -- Financial assistance -- Certificate of completion

    Changing lives one mile at a time

    Many people find themselves in Ava's position when they have to change careers because of life's circumstances. There is a big demand for commercial truck drivers around the country and completing Heavy Metal Truck Training commercial driving program prepares you for the exciting and growing field of commercial transportation. Are you ready to enter the well-paid career of commercial truck driving? Call HMTT today and we'll get you on the road to your new career! 651-528-8994
  • Why CDL School is Worth the Investment

    Are you out of work or looking for a new job? Would you like to start a new career making up to $50,000 PLUS benefits your first year of work? That's all possible in the trucking industry! So how do you get started in this booming industry?  Enrolling at HMTT is the fastest way to get started in your new job.

    Getting your CDL

    Attending trucking school gives new drivers the skills and confidence needed to pass the CDL exam. Your extensive hands-on training will help you learn how to drive a truck, and will set you on a path to becoming an experienced driver! At HMTT, we train students of all skill levels - from very beginner to the advanced driver that wants a refresher - and have various CDL  training programs for each. Getting your CDL training at HMTT is a great foundation to build and grow in your new career!

     Job placement assistance

    When you attend Heavy Metal Truck Training, you'll get personalized placement assistance for your new job. We partner with top trucking companies so that our graduates start off in good, secure trucking jobs. We network with several well-known companies and can help you make connections to the best in the industry.

    Hands-on training

    Before you even take the CDL or get started on your new job, you need to get behind the wheel of a real semi. At HMTT, you'll learn how to drive an actual truck and not just train on a simulator. Our instructors will work with you until you have all of the maneuvers down, so you have the confidence you need to pass your exam. Trucking is vital to almost every industry in our nation. Our country depends on trained, qualified truckers to get goods transported safely and securely. With the right training, you can be a part of a secure, good-paying career with full benefits. Call us today to let us help you get started on your future! 651-528-8994
  • Get on the Road in your Civilian Career.

    Veterans transitioning out of a career in the military might wonder what their next job will be. Luckily, the experience and skills that military service provides are easily transferable, needed, and appreciated in the trucking industry.

    Your Military Skills Crossover to Trucking

    Carriers are eager to hire veterans to fill their open driver positions. They know that veterans come ready to work, are reliable, trustworthy, and equipped with skills beneficial in the industry. From the physical demands of driving heavy-duty equipment to learning the value of being self-disciplined, your time in the service can shape your trucking career. In fact, many former military truckers say their years of service helped them transition to a truck driving career.

    Why Choose Trucking?

    It's a great time to become a truck driver. The trucking industry offers high pay, full benefits, and is a great choice for Veterans looking for long-term, stable employment. Moreover, carriers are also offering incentives like sign-on bonuses, 401k plans, and paid vacations. Many truck drivers start out making $40,000+ per year with the potential to much more in some positions. In addition, veterans with two or more years experience operating heavy-duty trucks and equipment may have the option to skip the road-test portion of the CDL exam.

    Get Help Paying for CDL School

    For many, various programs are available through the Veterans Administration that help veterans or their family members cover the costs of CDL training. Additionally, Heavy Metal Truck Training is proud to offer qualifying Veterans financial assistance for paying their CDL school tuition. We work with nonprofit agencies to provide training grants to qualified Veterans, allowing them to save their VA benefits for other family members or for other types of training. We also partner with carriers who reimburse drivers their tuition costs, even if they use VA benefits to pay for training.
    Get your start in this booming industry, and see what military benefits you can use for CDL training! Call HMTT today! 651-528-8994
  • Taking the OTR Path to Local Driving Jobs

    Many drivers who get into the trucking industry want to star with a local driving job that keeps them close to home. However, the road to getting a local trucking job with quality pay may be to begin your career as an OTR driver.

    Starting as an OTR Driver

    Over the Road (OTR) trucking jobs can have a driver on the road for up to several weeks at a time. Many drivers do not wish to be away from their families long-term and others will not like working quite so many days in a row. However, this is generally the first job that most truck drivers will get hired to do. While it may not be the position you want for the rest of your life, this experience can be invaluable when starting out in your career. Many larger carriers are the ones that do the OTR work. These carriers usually offer higher pay and better benefits - including paid vacation time, retirement benefits, and healthcare as well. Not to mention the valuable experience you need to get more local driving jobs.

    Transitioning to Local Trucking

    The best way to get the local driving positions is to have other experience in the trucking industry. For many drivers, this means gaining some experience in an OTR trucking position before considering something more local. Local drivers with previous experience are more likely to be hired for a local position than those with no previous experience.

    Consider It A Temporary Compromise

    A temporary compromise means that you are willing to do the OTR work for at least a couple of years to get some experience. Making that sacrifice of being on the road now means that you are setting yourself up for a local truck driving job in the coming years. Drivers with experience in OTR are more likely to get local jobs with a higher level of pay and a variety of other benefits including more vacation time, healthcare benefits, and retirement savings. Want more information on how OTR work can help you get to a more local trucking job? Call HMTT today and start working with our Job Placement team! 651-528-8994