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  • Comparing Different CDL Training Opportunities

    When it comes to getting started in the trucking industry, you'll probably wonder what different options you have for getting your commercial drivers license. CDL training schools, like Heavy Metal Truck Training, and company training each have their pros and cons. While both promote the end result of having a job when you complete training, you'll want to look at what it takes to get there. Today we're discussing the benefits of each one, so you can make the decision that's best for you.

    Company Training for Your CDL

    When you choose to get your CDL through company training, you'll likely complete a paid training program with the promise of employment after you've obtained your Class A CDL. During your training, you'll be paid a minimal amount, which is a plus. This option can be cheaper than going to a truck driving school for CDL training, however, many companies require a one to three-year employment commitment. You'll pay back the cost of the training through automatic payroll deductions during that time. You'll finish your training and go on to driver orientation just as you would when you attend a CDL training school.

    Getting Your CDL at a Truck Driving School

    Different training programs exist to give you options. At Heavy Metal Truck Training, we train students of all skill levels - from the very beginner to the advanced driver that wants a refresher - and have various programs for each. Going through training at CDL school gives students the skills, knowledge, experience, and confidence needed to pass the CDL exam.

    Financial Assistance Options

    At Heavy Metal Truck Training, we offer students several different options for paying the school tuition. Whether you choose to pay for training on your own, or by using one of our various financial aid options, we will help make sure your CDL training is affordable to you. State and Federal programs are available to residents of Minnesota and Wisconsin.

    Pre-Hire and Job Placement Options

    Much like company training, with Heavy Metal Truck Training’s pre-hire service you'll have a job (or several!) waiting for you when you graduate. Students can choose from dozens of employment opportunities with national, regional, and local carrier companies - all before training even begins. And, after graduation, you'll have lifetime job placement assistance with us! Enrolling at a CDL school like Heavy Metal Truck Training gives you access to the training program that fits your needs the best. You’ll be able to utilize financial assistance programs to cover some (or all) of your tuition. And, you’ll be able to choose a company to work for after you are done with school. Plus, you’ll have lifetime job placement assistance when you’re looking for a change of scenery or want to restart your career. We strive to provide the safest entry-level drivers to the transportation industry and give students access to training programs that fit your needs the best. Call 651-528-8994 today to set the wheels in motion for your trucking career!
  • Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Perfect Trucking Career

    A Class A CDL license opens up a whole new world for anyone looking for a long-term, solid career. Take a good long look at your current lifestyle and interests. Then let's take a behind-the-scenes look at the options available for your perfect trucking career!

    You've Got Options

    • Over The Road (OTR) - also known as "long-haul" trucking. OTR truckers are often gone for weeks at a time, going straight from one job to the next. It is ideal for the individual who wants to see the country, enjoys new adventures, and is flexible with their time away from home. It is also challenging to keep fit and healthy, so be prepared to watch your diet and make time for exercise!

    • Regional - This is a great option for those who prefer a little more home time. Normally not gone more than a day or two at a time, you basically haul regular routes between distribution centers and vendors. It is much easier to maintain a family life.

    • Local - Skill and patience are virtues you'll need to get around in city traffic and manage tight spaces for loading/unloading. However, if you just really appreciate being home every night this may be a perfect choice.

    Non-Trucking - Several options are available for someone with a Class A CDL license that doesn't involve moving products from place to place. Other choices include bus driver, highway maintenance technician, engineering/construction equipment operator, tractor-trailer technician, terminal manager, or delivery driver.

    One thing you can be assured of is finding a job after completing truck driving school with Heavy Metal Truck Training. We offer pre-hiring and job placement programs along with your training. With our 90-95% placement rate, you cannot go wrong with choosing us. Call us, let's talk! Call 651-528-8994 today, and we'll get you on the way to your perfect trucking career!
  • Connecting You With the Right Employer

    When you're deciding to go to truck driving school, there's likely one key question in your mind: "Will I have a job when I graduate?" When you work with the staff at Heavy Metal Truck Training, you'll have quality job placement assistance programs that make it easier to get on the road once you graduate.

    Pre-hire Options

    The pre-hire program at Heavy Metal Truck Training matches you with companies looking for drivers as soon as possible. We'll make sure that your health, driving record, and criminal background meet the requirements necessary to become a truck driver. Complete the pre-hire program, and we will connect you with companies who are looking for employees just like you.

    Job Placement Services

    At Heavy Metal Truck Training, our job placement goal is to connect you with the trucking company that's right for you. Whether that means connecting you with an employer before you even start your training or working with you to find the right employer for you after your graduation. National, regional, and local carriers are hiring qualified drivers, and we can have you in those positions quickly and effectively. With a 90-95% placement rate for graduates, we're confident that we can find you the job you're looking for. We're dedicated to helping you achieve your professional goals. Call 651-528-8994 today to learn more about how we can help you find that ideal job placement.
  • Using Loans for Trucking School

    Most students who attend Heavy Metal Truck Training school pay for their training “out-of-pocket,” but there are other ways you can afford CDL Training at HMTT. If you're wondering the best way to finance your future, we have several tuition assistance options. In this post, we'll give you more information on financing your CDL training with a loan.

    Find Out if you Qualify for a Personal Loan at your Bank.

    Although traditional banks don't make as many student loans as they used to, they may offer personal, consumer, or installment loans. When do these loans make sense? Borrowing from a bank may be a good idea when... are considering paying with a credit card. While banks do generally charge higher interest and fees than credit unions, they are usually cheaper than a credit card. have a very good credit score. Banks base their decision of whether or not to loan you money, and at what rate, on your attractiveness as a borrower. That is based largely on your credit score.

    Take Advantage of your Membership in a Credit Union.

    Credit unions are nonprofit organizations owned by their members. Because of this, they aim to balance low fees for the member borrowing money with modest interest income for the other members who are shareholders. What should you keep in mind when considering this option?

    •  You may be able to get a student loan, not a personal loan. A student loan from a credit union, like one from the federal government, may have special conditions such as delaying repayment until after your schooling is done. It may even include a grace period to allow you to look for work.

    •  Credit unions offer lower fees. A loan from your credit union will almost certainly have a lower interest rate than one from a bank.

    •  You will have to join. If you are not already a member of a credit union, you will have to join one and you will have to qualify for membership. But fear not, there are many ways to qualify. Some credit unions are made up of people in a geographic area, alumni from a specific university, or members of a homeowner's association, a union or a church. And even if you don't fit into any of those categories, many credit unions invite family members to join, so if a relative is a member, you can jump in on their membership.

    Let Heavy Metal Truck Training Help.

    We want to make getting your CDL affordable for you. Aside from loans, we offer several options for financial assistance on your tuition. Talk to an Enrollment Specialist today to see what options are available for you to use. Or, start your online application today! Loans are just one option for financing your training and getting a start on your new career as a truck driver. Talk to us today and we will help you find the best tuition assistance program for you! Call us at 651-528-8994  
  • How Soon Can You Get Your CDL?

    One of the first questions people ask us when they're thinking about going to CDL school is "How long does it take?" While there's not a quick and easy answer, in today's blog we try to explain each program for you so you can better understand how long truck driver training is going to take.

    Starting as an Absolute Beginner

    If you've never worked with a big truck before and you still don't have your Class A CDL permit, you'll need to start as an absolute beginner. This process will take 5 weeks, and includes 160 hours of training. You can also opt to start as an absolute beginner with a longer CDL certification program that will give you even more real-world road experience: the 460-hour class, which takes between 10-14 weeks to complete. This program is designed to give you the experience necessary to start off as a solo driver.

    Starting as an Intermediate Driver

    If you have some experience driving and backing a truck and trailer, you may opt for the intermediate driver training options. One 160-hour course will have you road trained and ready to go within a few weeks. We also offer an option that will allow you to quickly obtain your license and certification without the need to sit through a class; however, experience driving a truck is necessary in order to go this route.

    Coming Back as an Experienced Driver

    You've driven in the past--and perhaps even worked in the trucking industry before--but you haven't driven professionally in several years, and your license has expired. We offer a range of options that will allow you to reacquire that certification quickly and efficiently, getting you back behind the wheel sooner. In short, the length of time you'll be in training depends on a few things. Your previous driving experience, your driving skill level, and how quickly you're able to pick up the basics and move on to the next course will all determine how long you'll be in school. With such a wide range of backgrounds and options to choose from, how long it takes you to move from permit to graduation will depend on your skill level, your comfort behind the wheel, and your specific needs. Once you know that, find out how much your CDL training will cost. Need more information, or want some help making the right decision? Talk to us today and see just how quickly we can get you on the road to your new career! Call 651-528-8994 to get started!  
  • As you consider training for your CDL, you likely will have many questions about working in the trucking industry. In today's blog, we're going to address a few of the common questions we get asked. 'How do I get my CDL?' 'What kind of tucks can I drive?' and, 'What kind of work commitment is involved?' are just a few of the top questions asked. Okay, let's jump right in!

    How Do I Get a Class A CDL

    Getting your CDL is easier than it seems, but there is some work involved. When you enroll in any of our CDL training programs, we will take you through each step of the CDL process.
    1. Review CDL Requirements. With our Pre-Hire service at HMTT, we will make sure you qualify for training and job placement based on your health, driving record, and criminal background.
    2. Get a CDL Permit. To obtain a CDL permit you’ll have to pass the written portion of your CDL license. Our CDL Permit Prep online service helps prepare you to successfully pass the written portion of your Class A or Class B CDL and obtain your permit.
    3. CDL Endorsements. We'll help you find the best Class A CDL program that will help you achieve your next career goal.
    4. Take CDL Skills Test. With our Attendance Rewards Program, you’ll have unlimited road-test opportunities!

    What Kind of Trucks Can I Drive?

    The kind of tractor trailer you can drive depends on a few different factors. These include the kind of vehicle you're interested in driving, what endorsements you have, and what kind of routes you'd like to drive. With a Class A CDL license, you can drive a combination of vehicles weighing 26,001 or more pounds. For your OTR (over-the-road) career, you'll need a Class A license to drive across state lines.

    What Kind of Work Commitment is Involved?

    There are many different types of trucking jobs, with different work schedules. Most people start off with a long-haul trucking route. This career is ideal for those who are adventurous and love the open road. For those that want to stay closer to home, you can work with a local or regional company. Those who drive locally or regionally have shorter, dedicated routes and are home more often, though they might not earn quite as much. You can discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each career option with our Job Placement staff. Our students have lifetime job placement and dozens of employment opportunities with national, regional, and local carrier companies! Heavy Metal Truck Training offers convenient & affordable CDL training in the Twin Cities! Give HMTT a call at 651-528-8994 today to get started on your truck driver training!