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  • Get CDL Trained at Heavy Metal Truck Training

    Are you ready for a new job opportunity, where you can earn a competitive salary and lots of benefits? Would you like to work with a well-known company and start a career? There are lots of truck driving jobs available that will take you across town — and the country — with the nation's goods and materials. With one of Heavy Metal Truck Training's accredited programs, you'll open yourself up to these exciting opportunities, build wealth, and gain experience in an important industry.

    Tuition Reimbursement

    • Heavy Metal Truck Training brings together lots of employers and drivers. In fact, Heavy Metal Truck Training students are almost universally hired, and they're sometimes employed before starting training with our pre-hire programs!

    • Then, you need to get trained. The majority of our partners offer tuition reimbursement, helping their drivers afford programs at Heavy Metal Truck Training with eventual monthly returns. Over time, those benefits add up, and students can accumulate as many as $10,000 during their employment.

    Competitive Salaries

    • Heavy Metal Truck Training doesn't open the door to dead-end, low-paying jobs. Graduates have long-term, full-time employment with high salaries that grow with years of experience, starting at up to $50,000 annually.

    Complete Benefits

    • You'll receive benefits from your company, including health insurance, dental coverage, and 401(k) opportunities to save money for retirement. With this compensation package, not only will you support yourself and your family, you'll prepare for the future.

      A career in truck driving offers a variety of opportunities and benefits. At Heavy Metal Truck Training, just off of Interstate 35 near Minneapolis and St. Paul, you can get training for success and connect with companies that want to hire you. If you're ready to explore truck driving as a career option, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you, and helping you build your driving career.
  • 12-Year-Old Gets Insight of Trucking World

    For the second summer in a row, Jackson joined his grandpa, Craig Hunter, on a 16-day road trip aboard his 53’ dry van. Jackson and his grandpa have looked forward to this trip all year and were excited to spend quality time with one another. Keeping last year’s numbers in mind, Jackson was adamant in beating their total miles and states visited this time around. Though, they tied the amount of states visited, 13, they beat their total miles by over 1,500, with their final tally being 6,720 miles in 16 days. Wow! We sat down with Jackson to hear his thoughts on this year’s road-trip and the trucking industry. “My favorite part was by far spending time with my grandpa. Also, meeting the nice people both at Transport America and out on the road was really fun. I definitely want to go truckin’ again, and grandpa has 4 more grandchildren to take on the road! My cousin, Ella, has already decided she is going next year.” Traveling through 16 different states, Jackson and his grandpa drove through several popular tourist sites and we wanted to know what their favorite was. “I loved spending the day in New York City. Niagara Falls was a close second. Seeing all of the different sceneries on the road and just how every state looks a little different was also a cool thing to witness.” As most of us know, being out on the road can be difficult at times and there are certainly things that many of us don’t particularly enjoy. Jackson let us in on his least favorite, “I really missed my family and friends. The sleeping schedule is rough. Sometimes we would sleep in the middle of the day and drive at night for a drop-off. Trucking is hard. The long hours, bad weather and being away from home can really take a toll on someone.” As for Jackson, he’s decided that trucking driving isn’t for him, but he does want to serve the country in another way. He would love to join the Coast Guard or a branch of the military after graduating from high school. How awesome! We have certainly loved watching Jackson and his grandpa’s adventures. As for Jackson, it is back to school, but to all the drivers out there, Jackson says, “Be safe and keep on truckin’!!” Jackson’s truck driving grandfather earned his CDL by training at Heavy Metal Truck Driver Training. Heavy Metal provides Class A CDL training services for the Greater Minneapolis metro area. If you’re interested in beginning a career as a professional driver, learn more about our CDL training programs. To see all of Jackson and Grandpa Craig’s adventures, look to their Facebook Page.
  • A Gateway to Successful Careers

    Considering a career in driving, but haven't thought about a commercial driver's license yet? A license of this type can be a solid foundation to begin your career with, whether or not you make it full-time. If holding a commercial driver's license (CDL) isn't a priority for you now, we're hoping that you'll read on to find out why it should be.
    • You need a specialized license. Driving a truck is absolutely nothing like driving a car, and having a working CDL can prepare you for the road on a variety of different vehicles. With the training provided by a commercial driver's license, you'll have a better handle on the types of truck you'll be driving, not to mention unusual or specialized safety protocols.
    • You'll be able to drive all kinds of employment opportunities. Hazardous materials, mail carriers, long haul trucking, even part-time work driving a dump truck- these are all possible jobs that a CDL could prepare you for. Without a certified commercial driver's license, there are many types of driving opportunities that you just won't qualify for. With a CDL, however, the opportunities are endless. Bus driving, heavy equipment hauling, delivery truck driving of both the local and long-haul variety... the list goes on.
      Whether or not you'll make trucking your full-time employment, the benefits of obtaining a commercial driver's license aren't lacking in the least. With a CDL, you'll be certified, trained, and ready to take on whatever driving opportunity comes your way. Have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding Heavy Metal Truck Training, CDL training, or anything related to this post? Please, don't hesitate to contact us.
  • New Career Opportunities Thanks to a CDL

    When people think of a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), they often envision people who drive semis, generally across state lines. While driving a semi is a great job for some people, it is not ideal for everyone. Some people are turned away by the long hours and the time away from their families. Truck drivers are not the only ones, though, that use a CDL. If you enjoy driving, it might be worth considering getting your CDL.

    Bus Driver

    Without a CDL, you can drive a shuttle bus that transports 16 people or less (including the driver). If, though, you are going to transport more people, you will need a CDL. Along with needing a CDL, if you want to drive a school bus, there are several other requirements, including:
    • You must be at least 18 years old.
    • You need to pass a criminal background check, including a national criminal history test if you have lived in Minnesota for less than five years.
    • Along with that, you must pass a driver history test.
    • A physical examination is required.
    • Your CDL must have a school bus endorsement.

    Hazardous Materials Driver

    In Minnesota, you will need a CDL to drive a vehicle transporting hazardous materials. This includes explosives, gases, flammable or combustible liquids, and some other materials that may be harmful. To transport hazardous materials, along with your CDL, you will need to get a HAZMAT endorsement. To get one, you must:
    • Be a legal U.S. citizen or provide proof of your legal status here
    • Be at least 21 years old, the legal age to drive a HAZMAT vehicle
    • Complete a TSA background check
    • Not have a record of a disqualifying criminal offense such as a felony, robbery charges, or immigration violations
      These are just two examples of the types of jobs you can get with a CDL. If you enjoy driving, a CDL can provide you with an assortment of driving opportunities beyond just being a semi truck driver.
  • Follow Along on their Two-Week Adventure

    He’s a truck driver for Transport America, a HMTT graduate and a husband, but for Craig Hunter, his favorite title is Grandpa. Today starts a new adventure for Craig and his oldest grandson Jackson as they set out on a two-week ride-along adventure. This is their second annual trip together, and something both Craig and Jackson have looked forward to since returning from their trip last summer. Craig trained at Heavy Metal Truck Training, located in Newport, Minnesota, in 2015 and shortly after graduation found a job with Transport America. Since being hired, he has been an OTR (over-the-road) company driver. Starting his route in Minnesota, he typically drives east of the Mississippi River to the East coast. “From the Canadian border to Mexico, those are my stomping grounds,” Craig says. Driving a 53’ dry van, he hauls “freight of all kinds.” Transport America has several customers like Amazon, FedEx, General Mills, Kohl’s, and Walmart. From both large and small companies, he has helped them all. Now it’s time for Craig to show off his skills to his oldest grandson on their summer road-trip! What are they most excited about you may ask? For Craig, he shares that he is “looking forward to spending time with his grandson and creating lifelong memories together.” Jackson shares that he is excited for “the adventure of hitting the road and seeing the country with his “old buddy!”” Stay tuned for updates on Craig and Jackson’s adventures! We will continue to follow them along these next two weeks. You can also follow their road-trip by liking their Facebook page:
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    Getting a Commercial Driver's License is a Great Way to Enhance Your Career Potential

    If you're considering getting a commercial driver's license (CDL), the amount of work it takes may be daunting. But don't let it turn you away from your future as a commercial driver! Here are the top three Commercial Driver's License benefits and why having your CDL is a great asset to your career potential.

    1. Truck drivers are in demand.

    With a whole generation of baby-boom truck drivers retiring, companies are struggling to find the next generation of employees. Next time you drive somewhere, take a look at signs as you pass by. If you live in a populated area, you'll notice that a lot of businesses are now hiring truck drivers. Getting your CDL is the first step towards seizing these job opportunities.

    2. A variety of jobs require a CDL.

    Not too interested in truck driving? There are plenty of other jobs that require a CDL! As the name implies, this license applies towards any career in commercial driving. So you'll also need a CDL to become a bus driver, hazmat carrier, or garbage worker. All of these are unique careers, and some of them have high pay, too.

    3. Even if you get a different job, having a CDL is a marketable skill.

    Your CDL could quite possibly come in handy even if you choose to work behind a desk. When companies are looking for who to hire, they consider all aspects of the applicant's work history and qualifications. Your CDL will show them that you have the dedication to pursue additional professional certification and the versatility to work in a variety of roles if needed. If these Commercial Driver's License benefits sound like something you want to take advantage of, start the process of getting your CDL sooner rather than later. Because the sooner you become a licensed commercial driver, the faster you can take advantage of all of these great opportunities!